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    So, my friend and her brother built a snowman today…

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    tiyanak (also known as patianak) is a creature in Philippine mythology that resembles a human infant. It is said that a miscarried or aborted fetus, or a baby who dies without being baptized, becomes a tiyanak. Evil spirits use the infant’s body to attack victims, eating their inner organs and drinking their blood.

    During the day a tiyanak might appear to be an ordinary baby. By night, however, it grows sharp teeth, long fingernails, and black and hairy skin.

    It lures its victims by imitating the cries of an abandoned baby. Anyone who makes the mistake of approaching or picking up the “baby” is attacked. Aside from slashing victims, the tiyanak also delights in leading travelers astray or in kidnapping children. In some instances, it is said that once given the chance to suck milk from the breast of a mother, the tiyanak will drain all her blood.



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